“Stories in your Pocket – Telling Tales with Mobile Technology”


Neil in conversation with John Kelleher will discuss the democratising of content creation – How film and documentary makers are creating content via their smartphones and how this is empowering a whole new generation of content creators.

Neil Leyden, formerly a Senior Product Manager at Independent News & Media, former lecturer at Trinity College Dublin and DCU, as well as a board member of the BAI and the IIA, is now Head of RTÉ.ie, overseeing the performance of Ireland’s number one media website. With over 5.5 million unique browsers a month, RTÉ.ie is the premier online destination for news, sport and entertainment content for people in Ireland and for Irish audiences abroad.

Neil will give examples of how easy it is to make a documentary or create a podcast on your smartphone. He will outline the basic steps to create, upload and build an audience online. He will discuss what he’s doing at RTÉ to encourage this content and how audiences can engage and tell their own stories.