A Masterclass with veteran journalist, Simon Stanford. Simon is working on the frontline of human conservation conflict on his newest film, Whose Game is it? It explores the central conflict that conservation of Africa’s natural heritage faces: Who owns, benefits and makes the decisions that determine the future of the game reserves?

For too long it has been outsiders, colonialists, social media, eco warriors and well-meaning animal rights groups of the industrialised world, making decisions and holding the purse strings. Africans often say it’s easy to make decisions on a full stomach but it’s we who need to live with the games reserves, the large dangerous mammals, the consequences of alternative land usage. There will always be conflict if we do not feel acknowledged and benefit from being the custodians of these resources.

Simon will discuss the development process of this project, challenges and insights experienced while working with conservationists, local communities, poachers and film distributors. He will also screen some footage from the film.