Today is International Shorts Day, screening the best of World Cinema short films. We have entrants from Poland, China, Spain, Italy, India, Mexico, Lebanon and Latin America to entertain and delight you.

Join us at the Plaza Cinema all day, from 10am to 6pm – FREE ENTRY.

Today’s Screenings



China (Kuba Czekaj – 33m)
An 11 year old known as Bellyboy is the laughing stock among his peers. His parents want to change him at all costs, get him to lose weight. Bellyboy has his own way of relieving his negative emotions, but it’s a secret. With time he will give it away to a friend he fancies…

Bear Me (Kasia Wilk – 6m)
“One day I found a bear, or he found me, and he stayed.” Lilli tells us about her great adventure with a furry friend,
and all its ups and downs.

Pick Up (Arkadiusz Biedrzycki – 13m)
Two friends, one about to get married, the other feeling a love that can never be shared.



My Dream (Wang Honghai – 44 mins)
Produced in 2007, performed by China Disabled People’s Performing Art Troup, A music and dance extravaganza with high production values. A feast for the eye.



Buenos Aires/Good Air (Daniel Gil Suarez – 12m)
A man breaks into a container park and steals a spare wheel from an imported car. But why?

Efimera/Ephimera (Diego Modino – 18m)
A man is tortured and killed for information by villains. A little girl dances. *Explicit violent content*

El Ruido del Mondo (Coke Riobóo – 13m)
Animation. A musician is disturbed by the sounds of life, but turns his fear into inspiration.

Inertial Love (Cesar Esteban – 6m)
A motorist runs out of fuel on a motorway and has a strange experience.

El Boson de Higgs (Cristina G Molina – 10m)
Scientists discuss the origins of the universe.



Matilde (Vito Palmieri – 10m)
Despite a shy nature, Matilde is a child with a dynamic intelligence and a strong spirit. In her classroom, however, something is upsetting her. Combining the suggestions received from her teacher, the interest in the tools of a hairdresser mother and her passion for tennis, Matilde looks for a drastic and original solution to find the serenity.

Isacco/Isaac (Federico Tocchella – 16m)
A child is in the park playing with his plasticine figures, that he modelled himself. His favorite character is Isaac. Isaac is a little boy just like he is, who dreams, hopes and confides in the world.
Isaac is happy because this is the day he will accompany his father on the mountains to help him out. Isaac’s father is named Abraham. The story the child is staging is “Isaac’s Sacrifice”.

Cusutu n’Coddu/Cut to Fit (Giovanni La Pàrola – 17m)
In a small Sicilian feud, at the end of 1800, a group of hungry and angry farmers revolt against the landowner. To lord over and head the rebellion there’s Salvo, the farmer, who wants to replace the feudal lord. During the revolt Salvo decides not to kill Peppino, the tailor of the ex master, because he would like a tailored suit. In a duel between the protagonists, the tailor will implement his ancient plan of revenge.

Segreti/Secrets (Margherita Spampinato – 15m)
The world seen through the eyes of a 9 year old girl. The town she lives in, friends, school, games. Between all of them, she’ll start a new one, secret and mysterious, that involves an unknown man.



Abida (Maaria Sayed – 24m)
A political yet intimate drama about a Muslim woman dealing with life on different levels after she loses her husband, a police inspector in the 26/11 terror attacks in Mumbai.

Our Homes (Hamare Ghar – 30m)
Kamla works as a full time maid in Raj and Simran’s house. Simran is affectionate and regularly showers Kamla with gifts and old clothes. In this ‘modern’ home, there is no obvious violence and hierarchies but, as Kamla slowly realizes, it is hidden behind caring words and gestures of love.



Carreteras (Denisse Quintero 10m)
A chance meeting for Carmela leads her to explore new paths.

Estatuas (Roberto Fiesco – 17m)
The inauguration of a statue.

Monstruo (Luis Mariano García – 10m)
Sara helps her little brother Tomás to overcome his fear of the monster under the bed.

Papalotes Rosas (Rebeca Bonola Jiménez – 13m)
Two small girls in a pink world see a little more of their reality; while their father figure falls apart.

Tetas Para Matar (Leopoldo Aguilar Guerrero – 10m)
Samuel witnesses his mother’s brutal murder. He grows up and seeks revenge, but first he has to become transformed to achieve it.



Memoria (Joanna Jarjoua – 15m)
A beautiful lady is unaware of the passing of time.

Abou Rami (Sabah Hardar – 17m)
A couple have a puncture on the way to visit their son, with unexpected consequences.

Not Quite a Virgin (Ali Zein – 12m)
A documentary about hymenoplasty. *Adult content*

The Man with the Red and Yellow Guns (Omar Rahbani – 11m)
A dodgy drugs exchange goes badly wrong, or does it?


Latin America

VenezuelaTempo Adagio
(Daniel Torres & Alcione Guerrero – 11m)

ArgentinaDespues Valeria
(Perez Delgado – 16m)
*Adult content*

BrazilAlpocalipse de Verao
(Carol Durão – 15m)

Puerto RicoLuna Veja
(Raisa Bonnet – 12m)
Puerto Rico
*Adult content*