We guarantee you will want to be in at least 3 places at the same time today! What an amazing programme of events we have in store, you will be truly spoiled for choice.

The day kicks off early with an exceptional guest list for our Directors’ Forum at the Adelphi, meanwhile a series of very focused workshops begins over at our Satellite Centre (behind the church on Main Street). If you’d like advice on funding your next film project, drop into the Carlton for free advice from our experts. David Puttnam will be hosting a seminar and discussing his experience of working with Alan Parker. Gerard Stembridge is hosting a Writers’ Forum and Maurice Seezer chairs a discussion with Jim Sheridan and Jack Gold about Music in Film from the Director’s Perspective.

Check out the new talent on display from 4.30pm in the Adelphi when UCC Film Students present their work, introduced by David Puttnam.

Rounding off the day, we will have the screening of Performance at 7pm in the Adelphi, immediately followed by discussion with the film’s producer, Sandy Lieberson. The film has legendary cult status and is a genuine masterpiece of cinema – you’d be mad to miss this one.

Today’s Programme

10.00-15.00 – Plaza Cinema
2014 Film Submissions – Programmes 23-27

Filmmaking Workshops all day at the Satellite Centre
10.00-11.15 – Lighting & Gaffer Workshop
11.15-12.30 – Introduction to the Digital Film Camera
12.30-13.45 – Sound Workshop
13.45-15.00 – Picture Editing with Final Cut Pro
15.00-16.15 – Sound Editing with Final Cut Pro
16.15-17.30 – Post Production Sound Workshop
17.30-18.45 – Post Production Picture Workshop

10.00-13.00 – Carlton Cinema
One-to-One Funding Clinic
With mentors Gaby Smyth and Hilary Durman. Filmmakers may book a private half hour session with an experienced producer, to explore the wide range of options available in raising finance for film production. Participants will be able to discuss their own particular financing issues.

10.30-13.00 – Adelphi Cinema
Directors’ Forum
Chair: John Kelleher. 
Panel: Jack Gold, Carmel Winters, Brian Deane, Pat Collins, Maurice O’Callaghan, Jim Sheridan, Stephen Frears and more. A chance to meet experienced directors from the film and television world, to raise topics for discussion and put questions to the panel.

14.00-16.00 – Adelphi Cinema
Working with Alan Parker
Patron David Puttnam’s seminar topic “Working with the Director Alan Parker”, accompanied by film clips, promises to be very popular and highly instructive.

15.15-16.45 – Plaza Cinema
Writers’ Forum
Chair: Gerry Stembridge, with Donal Beecher, Maurice O’Callaghan, Ailbhe Keogan, Carmel Winters and more. 
A chance to meet experienced writers from the film and television world, and to raise topics for discussion and put questions to the panel.

16.30-18.30 – Adelphi Cinema
UCC Students’ Screening & Reception
UCC’s BA in Film & Screen Media is a unique, innovative programme that combines training in the practice of digital filmmaking with courses on the theories, history and styles of film and other screen media, such as mobile technologies, the internet and cyberspace, video games and many others. We are delighted to screen this year’s BA student films. Introduced by David Puttnam.

17.00-18.30 – Plaza Cinema
Music in Film: The Director’s Perspective
Jim Sheridan & Jack Gold in conversation with Maurice Seezer. What role does music play in film? Directors and composers can have a marriage made in heaven (Fellini/Rota, Leone/Morricone) or they can forever disagree on the nature of the relationship (Hitchcock/Hermann). Jim and Jack will look at the key ingredients that are needed for a creative collaboration between composer and director.

19.00-22.00 – Adelphi Cinema
Aidan Stanley will host a Q&A with the producer, Sandy Lieberson, following the screening.
Chas, a violent and psychotic East London gangster needs a place to lie low after a hit that should never have been carried out. He finds the perfect cover in the form of a guesthouse run by the mysterious Mr. Turner, a one-time rock-star, who is looking for a spark to rekindle his faded talent.
One of Sandy Lieberson’s most famous and controversial productions, with Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones, in his debut acting role with James Fox. Donald Cammell and Nic Roeg directed this dark, intellectual film. It includes graphic depictions of violence, sex and drug use.

Full details are in our programme (LINK).