Happy New Year to all of our friends near and far. With just over four months to our 11th Festival things are hotting up at the Festival office, with all sorts of wonderful events in the pipeline. Don’t forget to put the dates in your diary……Wed 22nd to Sun 26th May 2019.



This year’s International Film Focus is on ICELAND


Today, the Icelandic film industry is undergoing a blossoming period, growing steadily over the last half century; The film industry in Iceland is thriving due to its incredible scenic landscape, its homegrown talent and domestic industry. Not only is Iceland distributing four or five domestic films per year, but international production companies, such as 20th Century Fox and Lucasfilm Ltd, are now swarming to the country to photograph its science-fiction-esque landscape: big budget Hollywood productions such as Star Wars, Prometheus, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Die Another Day, Journey to the Centre of the Earth, Batman Begins, Game of Thrones, Oblivion and Flags of our Fathers.

Over the five days of the festival we will screen several features plus a curated programme of the best Icelandic short films.

Fastnet Filmfestival iceland focus




Entry closes on the 31st of January.

With almost 400 films from 37 countries having been submitted so far there is still time to enter. To enter follow the link below.


movie nights at the film centre

Movie nights continue at the Film Centre every second Thursday. Next night 17th Jan. All welcome. See Facebook for details.