Hi Gang, Pauline here. We have been busy down here. As you are no doubt aware, Ian Power and MacDara Kelleher’s film ‘The Runway’ (which was made on location in beautiful West Cork) went on the win ‘Best Irish Film’ at the Galway film festival.  Very well done lads and all involved, great kudos to you.  My spy in the camp tells me it’s heading to Cork for their festival, which is on in November.   Fingers crossed. 

Here is another update regarding films in Schull.  During our festival, you (those in attendance) may have noticed a busy film crew, shooting in various different locations around the locality.  Yes, another crew came south; to shoot a film called ‘The Pier’.   This is in postproduction as we speak.  I cannot divulge my source but believe me when I tell you this is a little gem.   Keep an eagle eye out for it.  Director Gerard Hurley, was blown away by the support and energy shown to him from all involved. 

Did any of you get the chance to see the wonderful television advert that ‘D.A.D.D.Y’ produced for the FSFF?   If you did not, try to find a way to see it sometime. The ad, so beautifully crafted, has won Silver for Animation Shark award for their Fastnet Film Festival spot at the shark awards.  Actually if you get an opportunity, have a look at their website www.teamdaddy.com We are very proud of these lads.  Mike hails from West Cork, so that gives you an idea of the talent that we mould down here. 

Did you know that our festival winner for 2010, the amazing ‘Mr. Foley’ has gone on to win;  ‘Jury Prize’  best short at the San Francisco United Short Film Festival and Best ‘Sound-Scape’ Award at the Dresden International Film Festival.  We have just found out that is has also won both the MELIES D’OR NOMINATION and the AUDIENCE PRIZE at the 3rd Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival.

FSFF 2011

First, let me say a huge thank you to all that submitted a ‘Short Film’ into our festival last year.   There was an amazing assortment of weird and wonderful entries.   If this year’s submissions are in any way like them, I do not envy our judges.

We are already formatting our festival schedule/programme/events etc for 2011.   Take note of the dates  26th to 29th May 2011.   Put these in your calendar.   We look forward to seeing you there.  To give you a brief idea of who we are, the committee for 2011 consists of six of us that try our best to meet regularly, so that we may eventually format a festival that everyone can enjoy.    Let me introduce you to the committee for 2011:

  • 1st there’s Maurice Seezer- Co-Chair and Artistic Director (fondly know as ‘the long-fellow’),
  • 2nd there’s Helen Wells – Co-Chair and Admin Guru,   
  • 3rd there’s Maria Pizzuti – Artistic and Graphic Guru,
  • 4th there’s Hilary McCarthy P.R.O extraordinaire,  
  • 5th there’s Bridie Dalton – All things monetary,
  • 6th there’s Pauline Cotter – Festival Fundraiser (fondly known as ‘the short-one’). 

Submissions for 2011

We will start taking submissions from the  1st December 2010 to 31st March 2011.  (There will be no extension of time).   Helen is in the throws of setting up an on line submissions file for 2011.  This should make things much easier for both you and our admin section.   As soon as she has this will be posted on the website.


Please be patient with us.  We are in the throws of re-vamping our website.  I hope we will have it completed very soon.    By the way, if there is anything you would like to comment on, please feel free to do so.   You can contact me direct at    I will try my best to get an answer (of sorts) for you, wherever possible.