Maurice O’Callaghan, best know for Broken Harvest, will screen his latest film ‘The Lord’s Burning Rain’ at the festival on Wednewsday 21st May at the Village Hall Cinema.

Q&A with the Director and John Kelleher will follow the screening.

Set in 1960’s West Cork, teenage boy Harry O’Callaghan is given the task of riding a newly purchased horse home through the beautiful Sheha Mountains. Over the day-long journey he encounters a seductive tinker woman (Caroline Morahan) who tries to steal his horse, a broken-down Protestant farmer (Jonathan Ryan) who gives him poteen, a ghost-like figure of death (Jon Kenny) and a hallucinatory vision of the famous battle of Kilmichael in the 1920s in which his father took part.

Adapted from the 2005 short story ‘The Lord’s Burning Rain’ the film explores many relevant issues of today including the uneasy relationship between Catholics and Protestants, the formation of the Irish nation and the continuing legacies of the Civil War.