Volunteers, I salute you!

On behalf of the committee I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to you all.  You were all absolutely amazing.  We could not have done it without your help and support.  I would personally like to thank the following who helped make my life easier:

In the Box Office: Josephine Ryan-Purcell, Jane Hurley, Camilla Griehsel, Clair Haseldine, Julia Zagar.

In the Parish Hall: Camille Fenn, Deirdre Ni Chanallain, Fiona York, Donal McSweeney, Len Lipitch, Dan Cahill.

In the Distributed Cinemas: Luisa McCarthy, June Housden, Corey Macri, Helen Selka, Alice Farmiloe, Stuart Geary.

In the Car Park: Karen Bryan, Stephanie Arundel, Geraldine O’Reilly, Florence Newman, Sarah McKnight, Sam McKenna, Connie McKenna, Maura McCarthy, Vincent Ahern, John Logan, Martin Malone, Linda Morgan, Ronan Clarke, Jessica Anderson, Paul Field.

To Robin Wells – ‘the problem solver‘ – who helped with so much, beyond the call of duty!

To David O’Reilly, Venita Galvin and Eleanor O’Driscoll, for their help with catering.

To our drivers: Sean O’Connell, Hammond Journeaux, Derek McKnight, Camilla Griehsel and David O’Reilly

To our storytellers:
Jesse Wells, Lydia Little, Ann Martin, Johnny Adams, Peter Andrews, Melanie, Maria Kennedy.

And a special thank you to Kevin McGowan, Laurence Snashall, James Flynn and Tony O’Brien, who were at my beck and call for 4 solid days – you guys were absolutely AMAZING!!

Thank you!