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All Day World Cinema Screenings

Thursday 22nd May 10am to 6pm

It’s time to celebrate the great breadth of world cinema currently being produced by filmmakers around the globe. From China, Poland and the Lebanon, to Spain, Ibero America, India, Mexico and Italy, we have compiled a flavour of the very best short films not in the English language.

Short Films for Long Island

Long Island CinemaVisit the most isolated cinema in Ireland. Cinema goers looking for the ultimate viewing experience can take the short ferry ride from Colla Pier on Saturday 24th or Sunday 25th to Long Island. The ferry journey across to the island will take about 10 minutes, followed by a 2-minute walk to East Village.

The Living Room Cinema, courtesy of Maurice Caughlan and Helen Tilson, where viewers will be treated to complimentary Corona, popcorn and an hour-long short film programme. Then take a few minutes to soak up the island beauty before returning to Schull.

‘Living in a Coded Land’ to be screened at the Village Hall on Thursday 22nd of May

Harvest Films 2014 80mins. Director: Pat Collins.

Pat-Collins-CodedLandA poetic and imaginative film essay that makes unexpected links between events and locations, history and contemporary life. The film revolves around the notion of a sense of place and stories associated with place, reflecting on traces of the past in the present and probing themes such as the impact of colonialism, emigration, the famine, land, housing and the place of art in society. Making extensive use of archive from RTÉ and the IFI, the film seeks to explore the more elusive layers of meaning that make up this country.