What are the key criteria for assessing entries?

Please refer to our eligibility criteria on the main page.

There are two main criteria for assessing the quality of a project proposal.
1.  Creative and artistic: The script, visual style and how the ‘New Normal’ theme is addressed.
2.  Production: Account will also be taken of an applicants’ familiarity with key aspects of the production process, together with how they will approach making a short film on County Cork’s Wild Atlantic Way.

Can I submit additional information regarding my submission after the Application Deadline?

No, we regret that additional information cannot be submitted after the Application Deadline.

Will I receive subsequent feedback or evaluation regarding my entry?

FFF regrets that we will be unable to supply filmmakers with feedback or evaluation on their entries.

What do you mean by ‘with a theme reflecting the New Normal’?

The subject matter or theme of the screenplay should relate, whether directly or indirectly, to the impact of the COVID-19 Coronavirus on the individual or on society.  How the script relates to the theme can be included in the project synopsis.  It will be at the discretion of our judges to evaluate if the script achieves this requirement.

Can the film be set on the Wild Atlantic Way in County Cork but filmed elsewhere?

No. It is a condition of the Award that the film should be made on the Cork Wild Atlantic Way.  The Cork Wild Atlantic Way covers the coastline route between Kinsale to the Kerry Border.

Can I submit more than one proposal?

You can enter multiple proposals, however only one entry can potentially be shortlisted if shortlisted as a finalist.  You should use a separate application for each submission.

Can post-production take place elsewhere?


Should I have a designated producer attached?

 It is not a requirement for directors to have a producer attached at the application stage, although having a producer involved may strengthen your submission. You should certainly include a note setting out how you propose to approach key production issues – budget, crewing, talent, location/s, etc.  If your submission is selected as one of the finalists for the pitching event at FFF 2021, we’d strongly recommend that you have a producer as part of your team.

Is there flexibility as regards duration?

Yes, your film can be any duration provided it does not exceed 10 minutes (incl titles/credits).

Is it possible that a writer/producer submit?

No, this is a director driven competition.

Can I submit a script for a film other than live action/drama?

No.  Only scripts for live action drama will be accepted.

How extensive should the outline be?

The outline is a description of what happens in the story and who the main characters are.  Just enough to give a sense of what your script contains is all that is required.

Can someone outside of Ireland apply?

Yes, applications from outside Ireland are accepted once they adhere to all the conditions and criteria outlined.

Who owns the completed work?

The completed work is owned by the director and the underlying rights to the material are owned by the writer.  However, FFF has exclusive screening rights to screen the premier which will be at FFF 2022.

What happens after an application is made?

You will be notified by email that your application has been received.  The four projects to make the final pitch will be notified in due course.

If I make it through to the Pitching Event will my costs be covered by FFF?

 No.  Unfortunately the Fastnet Film Festival will not be able to cover or reimburse any costs associated with attending the Pitch Event or the Festival in May 2021.  Filmmakers do so at their own discretion.