Award-winning short “Volkswagen Joe” will screen at the festival on Thursday 22nd May followed by a Q&A with the director, Brian Deane.

Based on the award-winning play by Brendan McCann, adapted for screen by Matthew Roche and produced by Anna O’Malley and Kevin McCann, Volkswagen Joe is based in Northern Ireland 1981. Faced with an impossible decision, a conflicted border-town mechanic is forced to make a choice that will change his life forever.

Volkswagen Joe is a political drama set in a small border-town during the height of “The Troubles”. Joe, a dedicated mechanic, services cars for both sides of the political divide. He restores a vintage Volkswagen for his friend the local RUC inspector. A young Republican sees this as the perfect opportunity to make a name for himself within the IRA. Unfortunately as events transpire Joe is forced into the impossible decision of endangering the people closest to him or becoming a co-conspirator.


Audience Award at the Chicago Irish Film Festival, Best Short Film at the Rome Irish Film Festival & Boston Irish Film Festival and Nominated for Best Short Drama at the Celtic Media awards.